Even though Frances McDormand won an Oscar for Best Actress, acting takes a backseat to more important roles. She tells TV Guide Online that she took her latest role in Wonder Boys because "I did a play in Dublin and a play in New York so I had to make some money! I had a mortgage to pay!"

McDormand's success definitely didn't happen overnight, but it was her hilarious turn as Marge Gunderson in Fargo that made people take notice. She's honest that taking home the coveted gold statuette didn't have any life-changing results: "The biggest thing that happens with that accolade is that it makes it easier for directors to hire you. I don't mean to fluff it off. It certainly is a great acknowledgment. The most rewarding one for me was the Screen Actors Guild Award because it's from my peers."

By far, McDormand's most rewarding role is as a mother. She and her husband, director Joel Cohen, are parents to a five-year-old boy and are adamant about raising him in New York City. "It's the best way for us to do it because it's the only place we can live. The [cultural options] for us are really important ? our son is from Paraguay. His name is Pedro McDormand Cohen. It's important for him to grow up in [the most] diverse cultural experience he can have. The kind of life we would have in L.A. wouldn't allow that."

The actress adds that Manhattan residents just might run into her at the supermarket or neighborhood five-and-dime store. "I'm a homemaker when I'm not acting. It's my hobby, and now that I'm a mother it's not a hobby anymore ? it's reality! I really have to go buy groceries because somebody needs to eat and he doesn't have any money."