Jamie Foxx will resort to any means necessary to persuade singer/actress Lauryn Hill to be his leading lady in director

Oliver Stone's in-the-works remake of A Star Is Born.

"She thinks I'm stalking her," the Bait star jokingly tells TV Guide Online. "I'm trying to get her interested [in the film] so I'm going to her concerts. She said, 'You're making me nervous!'" As Foxx explains, an offer has gone out to the Grammy-winner, but "nobody can get in touch with her. I don't know why. If it was Lauryn Hill, it would be absolutely incredible." And if not, another R&B sensation currently is under consideration: Aaliyah. "Aaliyah is very talented," he says of the Romeo Must Die star. "She'd bring the hot, the sexy, the whole nine!"

Until that casting situation resolves itself, Foxx is busy promoting his current film, Bait, which opened to a disappointing $5.5 million gross over the weekend, and he's hard at work on the fifth and final season of his self-titled WB sitcom, which premieres Oct. 8. What's more, he's planning a return to his In Living Color roots with the upcoming WB sketch show, These Nuts. "It's Flip Wilson meets In Living Color," explains Foxx, adding, "I've met the next Jim Carrey! I've seen the next Tracey Ullman! I've seen some incredibly talented people. [We've] been on this huge search for comedians and actors who can do sketch comedy."

Despite his burgeoning film career — he won raves for Any Given Sunday, his last collaboration with Stone — the actor admits that he continues to be drawn to the small screen. "I can't let go of TV," he says. "That's where the money is! You can make a lot of money in TV. Movies are great if you're making $20 million, but you don't know if that's gonna come. I don't think I'd ever leave TV completely."

And should his career completely wash up someday, Foxx has a fallback plan. "My grandmother still says, 'If that Hollywood stuff doesn't work out they're hiring at the state hospital,'" he laughs. "'It pays $12 an hour!'"