So what does exiting Spin City star Michael J. Fox really think of his replacement, Charlie Sheen?

"I can't say I picked him, but when they said, 'What would you think of Charlie?' I said, 'That would be great,' " Fox tells TV Guide Online. "I like him a lot. He's a good guy and a good actor. Also, let's face it, my company is one of the producers of the show, so keeping it on the air means my kids get more shoes."

We caught up with Fox backstage at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, where the star took home a trophy for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series for the second consecutive year. The 38-year-old actor, who's leaving the show after this season to fight his ongoing battle with Parkinson's disease, told us that rehearsals for his much-anticipated final episode have been an emotional roller coaster.

"We've done a lot of funny, surreal and bizarre stuff, but this one is tough," he says. "You're not only saying goodbye to people as your character but you realize that you're also saying goodbye to them in the sense that you won't be working with them anymore. Hopefully, we'll get all that maudlin crap out of the way before we tape it but, right now, there's a lot of feeling."

Fox, who lives with actress-wife Tracy Pollan and their three children in New York City, says he's looking forward to spending more time at home with his family. "I'll be taking my kids to school and I'll finally have time to analyze those crayon drawings they bring home."

And he still plans to return to Spin City next season for an occasional guest spot. "I'm sure it'll be during sweeps," he says.