Attention all Gary Coleman look-alikes: Fox wants you!

Fox is on the lookout for a pint-sized actor to portray the 4-foot-8-inch former child star for a new TV biopic on the troubled cast of the 1980s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes. The so-called "mini-movie," named for its hour-long format and not for Coleman's height, is set to air May 16 on the network.

Casting opportunities are not limited to diminutive Coleman clones: The casting department is also seeking actors to play co-stars Dana Plato ("Personality: bubbly, effervescent, charismatic ? ranging from wildly enthusiastic and/or manic to frightened and despairing") and Todd Bridges ("Ranging from tough, cocky, street-smart drug user to sweet, sober father and husband on his way back up").

Fox execs are also looking for actors to play Howard Stern and Robin Quivers, the radio duo who conducted Plato's final on-air interview just before her death from a drug overdose; Plato's former manager, John Whitaker, himself a former child star (Family Affair); Dion Mial, a Michael Jackson impersonator who briefly served as Coleman's manager; and Heather Daily, the video-store clerk who was robbed at gunpoint by Plato.

Bridges, by the way, is serving as a consultant on the Fox project. His mom, Betty, tells TV Guide Online that the recovering addict/actor is also working with his brother, J.D. Bridges, on two feature-length dramas ? Full Circle and Flossie ? scheduled for release next year.