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The Simpsons are going to Ireland for St Patrick's Day.

An Irish-themed episode of The Simpsons will premiere Tuesday in Ireland and the U.K., marking the first-ever non-American debut of one of the show's episodes, according to Variety. The episode revolves around Homer and Grandpa Simpson as they travel to Ireland to open a pub.

Simpsons producers James L. Brooks and Al Jean, as well as Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart, will be in Dublin for the premiere. Stateside, Fox will run a clip from the episode (which airs Sunday) in New York's Times Square all day. Additionally, the network is sending out people in Marge Simpson costumes to bars in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. The Marge lookalikes will hand out codes for Simpsons cell phone wallpaper and ringtones.

This blowout is the latest in Fox's yearlong celebration of the hit cartoon's 20th anniversary.