Harrison Ford, currently appearing with Michelle Pfeiffer in the nation's top flick,

What Lies Beneath, remains perturbed by press reports that surfaced after a plane he was piloting veered off a runway last month in Lincoln, NE.

The actor tells TV Guide Online in no uncertain terms that the news accounts were speculative and blown "completely" out of proportion. "I would not as a pilot ? a licensed pilot ? have been required to report it, it was so minor," he says, adding that, "[A] really inaccurate version of it appeared in the press and it was picked up. It was bad reporting, really."

Still, the 57-year-old actor says that he's doing his best not to get too worked up over it. "I am just patient in those situations where you think people have got it wrong," he says. "Just let it go."

One thing Ford can't seem to let go of is his love for Indiana Jones, the character he played in 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark and its two supersuccessful sequels. In fact, the only thing keeping him from picking up Indy's whip a fourth time is a decent script.

"It's simply a matter of finding a script that we all agree upon and are equally enthusiastic about, and finding a time when we can all three work together," he says, referring to Indiana Jones collaborators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. "There was never a script that everybody agreed on... not yet."