New mama Melina Kanakaredes is counting her blessings this Thanksgiving. Not only does she have a new daughter, but her Providence character, Sydney, has a new boyfriend as well. "She's finally having some kind of a love life," the actress tells the TV Guide Channel.

For those coming in late in the game, Syd's new beau, played by Melrose Place alum Rob Estes, is a physical therapist who, as Kanakaredes explains, "end[ed] up giving Syd a little more therapy than just in the medical [sense]."

"[He] is kind of the anti-doctor," notes Estes, adding that the romance is a perfect example of opposites attract. "Syd's very cerebral and straight-laced, and she goes from A to B in a straight line. John goes from A to B by, you know, tasting Z and going to D."

Kanakaredes says tonight's two-hour Thanksgiving-themed episode (8 pm/ET, NBC) offers some good clean holiday fun. "There's always that perfect Friday right after Thanksgiving where I know, in our household, there's always leftovers," she offers. "You know, a long day of shopping or doing whatever you do and then coming home, having some leftovers and watching Providence. I think that's a nice line-up."