Finally Jim gets a big story line that actually ties into the plot. Through a convoluted twist of fate, Jim's rig gets into a massive and very violent to watch accident, and the good samaritan who calls 911 happens to have a wife who died at the exact hospital that Jim is taken to. Of course the ghost is there haunting Melinda in order to get the ghost whisperer to convince her still-living husband to get on with his life. And when faced with a pushy ghost, what is a girl to do but help her? Nice twist that they didn't have her trying to convince the grieving widower that she could actually see dead people. Somehow I don't think he would have bought it. The whole emergency vehicle going topsy-turvy also set into motion a creepy overly tattooed killer, who was killed during the accident who wants to get revenge on his "old lady" and come after Melinda next week. Now that's actually kinda spooky.