Soap veteran William Fichtner wants to make this very clear: He's grateful for his days in daytime. The Armageddon star tells TV Guide Online that a recent article in a glossy magazine that had him bad-mouthing his soap past is false.

"Obviously, somebody took something out of context," he says, defensively. "Those first eight months working on a soap, I was quite sure the boom was picking up my heartbeat. I was just terrified. It was a great process to go through."

Two years on As the World Turns was enough for him, though. "I was so freaked out when I got on a soap, thinking, 'I'm going to be on a soap for the rest of my life.' I had a lot of unnecessary anxiety. The time came for me that if I was ever going to shift things, I could either stay a very long time or leave. I left. I don't knock that experience. It was not my life journey and I didn't want it to be, but I sure was grateful for it."

Fichtner obviously knew what he was doing: He's already acted with Bette Midler, Jodie Foster and, most recently, Demi Moore (also a soap vet). "She's a powerful woman," he says of his Passion of Mind leading lady.

Working with Moore had its moments. "One day, we were shooting a scene in Manhattan at lunchtime. Think about it ? midtown Manhattan, kissing an international movie star! There were so many people [watching], screaming, 'Demi! Demi! Demi!' After they'd yell cut, I'd walk out and have to walk right by them. They were like, 'Get out of the way, will ya!' "