Matthew Broderick Matthew Broderick

Bueller ... bueller ... BUELLER!

Twenty-five years after the release of the now '80s pop-culture classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Matthew Broderick will reprise his role as the fun-loving "totally righteous dude" for a commercial airing on the day of the Super Bowl.

What product or company the commercial is for remains unknown — the 10-second YouTube teaser was posted under an account named "chuckachucka 2012" seemingly in reference to the noise heard in the famous Yello song "Oh Yeah" that played over the end credits of the John Hughes film.

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But there's no question who Broderick is playing in the teaser when he opens the curtains, just like Bueller does at the start of his fun-filled ditch day, and asks the camera, "How can I handle work on a day like today?"

Watch the teaser below and begin speculating about what exactly Ferris will be shilling come game day: