NBC Today correspondent Sarah Ferguson is making great strides in her battle of the bulge, but the Weight Watchers spokeswoman admits to still having a fondness for fatty egg salad sandwiches.

When asked by the TV Guide Channel to name her favorite fatty food, the former Duchess of York says the hands-down winner is a fat-filled egg salad sandwich on white bread with butter. "With Weight Watchers, you don't have to 'cheat' because there's no such thing as no-no foods," she explains. "In other words, you can have your glass of wine for two points, which I like, because it relaxes the mom after a strenuous day."

Ferguson, who claims to have battled weight problems since age 12, says she's working hard to teach her daughters how to process their emotions. "I was told that it was puppy fat and to grow up and stop being so silly," she recalls. "[I was also told] it would all fall off anyway, when I was 18.

"I tried every diet there was in the book," she says. "I didn't do amphetamines, but I tried everything else. I joined Weight Watchers when I was 18 and I couldn't keep to it because in those days you had to put everything on the scales and I found it all too complicated. But now I've been with Weight Watchers for the last four years and it's changed my life."