Felix Baumgartner Felix Baumgartner

A day after Felix Baumgartner's history-making-free fall jump, National Geographic Channel announced it will go behind the scenes of the stunt for a new two-hour special.

Space Dive, premiering this November, will follow Baumgartner's extensive four-year preparation for Sunday's stunt, which made him the first person to free fall while breaking the sound barrier. National Geographic Channel also detailed every second of the news-making event itself, filming with more than 20 cameras.

"Felix is an explorer in the truest sense of the word, and National Geographic Channel was honored to be a part of this mission," Michael Cascio, EVP of Programming for the National Geographic Channel, said in a statement. "And while the project itself is obviously groundbreaking, our exclusive inside access adds unique insight and perspective into this four-year journey, and is sure to thrill our viewers."

National Geographic Channel is co-producing Space Dive with the BBC and Red Bull Media House.

Watch Baumgartner's historic free fall here:

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