Felicity fans have another chance to check out one of last season's most inventive hours of TV: Tomorrow night the WB is rerunning the critically hailed but little-seen Felicity episode that found

Keri Russell and Co. trapped in a Twilight Zone-type quandary. And this time, co-creator J.J. Abrams is hoping that the stylish installment ? shot in black-and-white and directed by Zone vet Lamont Johnson ? doesn't vanish from viewers' radar screens.

"They decided to air it against the Golden Globes [last January] and, literally, our ratings had never been lower," Abrams tells TV Guide Online, adding that he "begged" the WB to reschedule it. "But they didn't listen to me, unfortunately."

"[The Golden Globes] is an event thing, and Keri was even a presenter," he continues. "I wouldn't have watched Felicity. It's one of those things that there was no way [the episode] was going to get [decent] ratings... another pitfall of Sunday nights at 8 pm."

Felicity has since returned to Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, and its biggest rival this time for the coveted 'N Sync demographic is a fresh episode of the Jennifer Love Hewitt clunker Time of Your Life. Still, Abrams admits that the WB isn't putting much promotional muscle behind the encore presentation and, as a result, he doesn't expect A.C. Nielsen to have good news for him Thursday morning.

"It's one of those things that whoever sees it, I'm thrilled," he says. "I would rather be the best lowest-rated show than the worst highest-rated show. As long as we continue to make interesting television, then I'm happy."