Supermodel-turned-actress Tyra Banks (Coyote Ugly) is joining the cast of the WB's Felicity this season as a "serious" college student and potential love interest for Noel (Scott Foley). "She's someone who doesn't have to work very hard to do well in school," executive producer J.J. Abrams tells TV Guide Online. "Noel ends up meeting her through his new job." Abrams, who says that Banks is a fan of the show, adds that the story is "really going to be funny and there's a great twist at the end." And for those skeptics who will view the casting coup as nothing more than a chance to pump up the drama's anemic ratings, Abrams admits that there's some truth to that. "It definitely crossed our minds that it would be nice to get someone who is famous to be in the show," he concedes. "Her notoriety is certainly not a negative as far as I'm concerned. But it's one of those things where this [story] idea happened first and then her name came up and it was a perfect thing. It isn't just stunt casting — it actually is a great story."