So all of my dreams of seeing Colie get repeatedly shot down came true. Seriously, I hope the slut finally gets it through her head that her policy with men isn't going to pay off, because I actually started to feel a little bad for her this episode. She's just so pathetic. Don't worry; I still think she's a big bitch in a stupid bun.

But anyway, she thankfully observed that, to use her own words, Alex will make out with anyone. I don't think she put it together that includes her though, since the moment her tearful goodbye with Corey ended, she was back to her old tricks: getting drunk, trying and failing to get Alex's attention, getting drunker, then literally throwing herself at him. (Not to mention violating and forcing her life story onto that poor girl who didn't know her in the hot tub.) But it looked like Alex, by the end, was really putting his foot down and Colie was getting the message. At least for the moment.

I also hope she takes Tyrie's advice to heart (which she won't). I'm so obsessed with him, by the way. His "Jenn's 3 and 0 with you, Colie" comment was hilarious.

I can't wait to see how Jenn and Colie's friendship is affected by Jenn shamelessly hooking up with Alex in front of Colie, which, by the way,
was so gross. I cringed when she licked his face at the bar, and I was right there with him in his reluctance to get in the shower with her. Of course, Colie thought the sex was some sort of ploy on Alex's part to make her jealous, which, obviously, it wasn't. (Alex doesn't have thoughts that complex even if he did have an interest in Colie.)

I have to say, I really like and respect Corey after this episode, and I'm so glad he broke up with Colie. He deserves so much better. (I can't believe he wanted to marry her!) They must have been really serious, which makes Colie's dismissive attitude seem really mean. I hope Colie will see guys get bored with her obnoxious, immature ways when it comes to men, but it's more likely she'll just get drunk and move on to the next one.

Oh, and can someone please get PJ to leave? Because...all those identical twins seem to do is walk around in their towels and brush their teeth five times a day. Well, I guess if it takes Davis away from the cameras, I shouldn't complain.