The Office by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC The Office by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

As The Office's April 10 return nears, we had a fun idea - invite you to tell us who your favorite Dunder Mifflin staffer is, as well as(and perhaps more importantly) why.

Is it Dwight and his short-sleeved polyester button-downs that do it for you? Is it Pam and her perkiness? Does Jan and her taste in dysfunctional men endear her to you? Or does Meredith and her unapologetic disinterest in sobriety hit comfortably close to home?

Obviously it's easy to cast your lot for a major player, but we'd also like to hear from those of you who have a special place in your heart for Toby, or Creed. This is your chance to not only sing the praises of the usual suspects but also give The Office's unsung heroes their due.