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[Warning: The following contains spoilers from Fargo's premiere. If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to have a cup of coffee or piece of pie instead. Have a nice day!]

Fargo's central criminal is ruthless, intimidating... and sports a really lousy haircut.

Aw jeez! FX's new series Fargo "too good" for stars to pass up

On Tuesday, FX debuted its new crime comedy based on the Oscar-winning film of the same name and introduced Billy Bob Thornton's character Lorne Malvo, a drifter whose extreme actions are only surpassed by his extreme bangs. Although the Oscar winner had already planned on dyeing his hair and beard dark for the series, the super-short trim initially threw him for a loop. "That was accidental. I got a bad haircut that I couldn't do anything with," he tells "It wouldn't comb over. It wouldn't act right, you know? I was looking at myself in the mirror thinking, 'God, what a disaster.'"

Faced with his blunt-cut fringe, Thorton had a moment of inspiration. "I said, 'Hang on a second. This looks like mid-to-late '60s L.A. rock. This looks like the bass player for the Buffalo Springfield.' Speaking of the Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young actually had that look at one point. So once I put that big coat on and that turtleneck and those bangs and that beard, it's like I was a bass player in a country-rock band in '67 in L.A." 

Although that may seem like an odd choice for playing a man who commits murder as casually as he goes to the dry cleaners, it fit in with the series' overall incongruous nature. "It was good because bangs are usually associated with -- if it's not Bettie Page -- innocence. Bangs are innocent," Thornton says. "They're clean-cut. I had bangs when I was in high school. So to have a guy who is this ruthless to have bangs I just thought, 'What a great irony.' So I decided to just go with that instead of fixing it."

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