Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau worked hard to create the chemistry you see in their new romantic comedy

Love and Sex. As Janssen explains, director Valerie Breiman invited the duo out for a get-acquainted dinner prior to the film's shoot, and then suddenly took off. Her parting words? "Why don't you guys get to know each other?" It was a challenge both actors were up for.

"[Jon] suggested [we go to] a bar, but I told him I don't really drink," Janssen recalls. "Finally, after driving around Hollywood we decided to go to the Derby, where he filmed Swingers. Jon hadn't been back since. We walked in and he took me right on the floor to swing dance, which was totally new to me. Jon said, 'Just trust me. Hold on and I'll lead.' It was really a lot of fun."

Favreau also can take credit for introducing the X-Men beauty to dancing of a dirtier kind. "At the end of Love and Sex, Jon told me he was writing a script for another movie and he wanted me to be in it," she says. "When he asked me what I'd like to play I said, 'Something different and edgy.' "

A few weeks later, Janssen got Favreau's script for Made, in which he's reunited with Swingers buddy Vince Vaughn. "My character was a stripper, a lap dancer," she says with a laugh. "I guess that was Jon's idea of edgy. So I went to some strip clubs and hooked up with a lap dancer who came home with me to teach me the right moves. We had a lap dancing extravaganza right in my living room."

And Janssen thought she was ready, until she stepped onto the set for her big scene. "Jon had a real porn star doing a lap dance before I did mine," she shrugs. "My mouth was dropping open and I thought, 'I don't think I can follow that.' "