When Sheila Kelley slid down a stripper's pole in Dancing at the Blue Iguana, something occurred to her: This is hard work. Sensing there was more to the job than stilettos and dollar tips, the L.A. Law cutie tapped into her dance background and developed The S Factor, a how-to on shaping up burlesque-style. In Kelley's L.A.-based studio, the female-only clientele indulge in a combination of Pilates, yoga and erotic moves straight from the stage to redefine their natural curves. The S Factor is rapidly becoming a fitness craze — Teri Hatcher is a fan — and desperate housewives everywhere are getting sleek by vamping it up. Sometimes it's good to be a woman.
TV Guide Online: How can shimmying down a pole get me in the best shape of my life?
Sheila Kelley:
I have to put you on a pole and watch you flounder first. It sounds simple until you actually get on that pole and try doing a trick. I used muscles that I never knew in my life that I had. In the inverted moves, your entire body weight is being held by your arms, so they tend to get incredibly strong. I've got some nice guns on me. Your abdominals, obliques and back get worked when you're doing the Snake. But it doesn't even feel like you're working out. You're so long, lean and luxurious — stretching as you're strengthening — and you're handing the job from one muscle fiber to the next all the way around the circumference of the body. It's delicious.