Rachel Crow Rachel Crow

The shocking eliminations continued this week on Fox's The X Factor. Rachel Crow, 13, was sent packing after the judges forced the decision into a deadlock and it was revealed that she had the lowest number of viewer votes. But many fans are still upset at judge Nicole Scherzinger, who forced the deadlock when she could not make a decision.

"I'm good with it and it's not her fault, no one should blame her," Crow told reporters on a conference call Friday. "Nicole cried for an hour and a half; she was devastated. I love her, she has the biggest heart and she's just beautiful on the inside and out."

Crow won over young fans early in the competition and even boasted the largest number of Twitter followers among the final five contestants. And despite her age, mentor Simon Cowell says Crow had the maturity of a veteran. "She is much more understanding of the process and isn't afraid to talk about what she wants and what she doesn't want," Cowell told TV Guide Magazine earlier this week.

So what's next for Crow? Despite her background in comedy, she says she's focused on her singing career and might even give acting a try —  but ultimately she wants to be a positive role model for young girls. "I know how kids feel and I want them to feel special like I do," said Crow. "I think she's the next Raven [Symone]," added Cowell. "She's a triple threat, this girl."

Were you sad to see Rachel Crow go?

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