Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: How'd They Do That?
Sure, this ranch redesign is definitely a challenge for Ty and his crew. But I can barely forgive them for gleefully using dune buggies to pull down the El Canos' dilapidated farmhouse. (You know how men get when they're allowed to wreck stuff. They turn into little boys.) I mean, how about some sensitivity here? Not only is husband Glen gone (he was killed in an accident three months before), so is a huge piece of his family's history. I only start to feel better when I see what they've planned for the backyard — a tree house for Ashley, a working train for Michael and a spa for Mom. (Sweet!) And the new office filled with pictures of Glen was definitely touching. OK, so maybe they've got good intentions. Just keep Ty away from the demolition equipment.

Degrassi: The Next Generation
As if being in the closet isn't tough enough, now Marco has to deal with Spinner's gay issues? (Is that guy totally selfish or what?) Not much could be worse than almost getting belted for coming out to your best friend. Well, getting dumped afterward by that so-called best friend runs a close second. What a relief when Dylan steps in. Confident, proud, good-looking and, most importantly, unapologetic, TV's most well-adjusted gay teen is exactly what Marco needs to feel comfortable in his own skin. And they do make a cute couple now, don't they?

1. Just as I predicted, Behrooz steps up big-time. His mom murders his girlfriend and lies to him about his father's murderous intentions but he still helps her escape from the police? Talk about a dutiful son.
2. There's a leak at CTU but Driscoll's pissed that no one told her? Hello! First, everyone was a suspect, including her. And second, the world is about to end! She might want to save the ego-tripping for another 24 hours.
3. Looks like Maryanne is a pretty crappy mole. Not only was her setup completely transparent and traceable, she wasn't smart enough to realize there were plans to off her, too. Too bad, 'cause I was starting to enjoy her weird clashes with lispy Edgar.
4. OK, so do you think torturing Sara is actually legal? I mean, I know they had "evidence" and everything, but is that enough to break out the Taser? (Let's hope not.)
5. Boy, is Tony is easy! Didn't he just tell Jack that he didn't want to get involved? That he paid his debt and wanted to forget his past? But the second Jack heads out to the helipad, he couldn't have volunteered any faster. You know what they say: Once CTU, always CTU. Or something like that.
6. Am I the only one who thought that helicopter had plenty of time to take off as Jack was approaching? After all, the pilot had a gun to his head and had no idea Jack was in that SUV.

Poor Jack can't catch a break. I'm just waiting for nerdy Chloe to come back and somehow save the day.

Everybody Loves Raymond
I'm pretty politically correct, but I actually didn't think Ray's janitor, uh, I mean custodian, comment was all that horrendous. (By the way his family reacted, you would've thought he told little Chris that his dad was burning puppies in the school's basement boiler room.) Nonetheless, I love how the Barones know how to spiral one faux pas completely out of control. From Marie (who assumes George was black) to Debra (who wants her kids to have all kinds of friends, even those lowly ones whose fathers works in the sewers), everyone is an equal opportunity offender. Well, at least they finally all agree on something.

Promo for The King of Queens
Doug, to his friend: How do you tell your wife she's getting fat?
Robin, to Doug: Well, I have news for ya. If you want to have sex again. Ever. In your lifetime. You don't. Plain and simple.

Two and a Half Men
I don't know about you, but when I think colonoscopy, I think "trip to Vegas!" (Isn't it great to have someone as fun as Charlie around the house? I guess that's a good way to keep your mind off your, um, butt.) But just when you think Alan can't get any dorkier (that scary silk shirt, the obsessive toiletry packing, the gambling money in his cowboy boot), he actually stands up to his nutty wife and plans to go anyway. That is, until Jake gets sick and he morphs back into the responsible, stand-up dad that he is. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But I'd love to see him get into some seriously fun trouble — like joining Charlie in his Vegas debauchery. Not that there's anything wrong with that, either.

I'm a little confused. How is Allison's possible pregnancy connected to the man who'll be committing a crime seven years from now? Unless she'll be having a baby then too? Or did I miss something? Anyway, how freaked would you be if a random stranger told you that you're going to be a future victim of a violent crime. Or if she insisted that you were going to murder someone years from now? I'd think she was nuts. But just in case, I'd insist we go play the lottery. 'Cause all you need is a dollar and a dream. And a wacky visionary to pick the numbers for you.