Life just hasn't been the same for the stars of TV's Eight Is Enough since the popular family drama went off the air nearly two decades ago. At least five of the kids from TV's Bradford clan have dropped out of showbiz completely, and big offers aren't exactly rolling in for those who still are in the game, according to Sunday's E! True Hollywood Story (9 pm/ET).

TV sisters Connie Newton Needham (Elizabeth), Dianne Kay (Nancy), Laurie Walters (Joanie), Lani O'Grady (Mary) and Susan Richardson (Susan) parted ways with Hollywood since starring on the top-rated series. Richardson, who today works at a retirement home in Pennsylvania, speaks candidly of the nervous breakdown that last year landed her in a mental institution. "They put me on a suicide watch," says Richardson. "I would just be talking and interpreting all these things and everybody got really scared about what I was saying and thought maybe I had lost my mind."

Among the Bradford boys, Grant Goodeve and Willie Aames are both keeping a toe in the business by appearing in Christian videos. And Adam Rich, the popular moppet who had his share of real-life troubles with the law after the series ended, is also hoping to get back in front of the camera. "He wants to act very much," says TV dad Dick Van Patten, "[but] he's had trouble getting acting jobs."