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One of the socialite stars of CW's High Society complained last week that she was the victim of unfair editing after the show's debut episode showed her saying she sometimes uses the N-word, only likes white guys, and tends not to have gay, fat, or Jewish friends.

Reality show racist? Socialite says she's unfairly portrayed on High Society

Now you can decide if the show's producers treated her fairly: TVGuide.com has obtained exclusive interview footage for the show, in which Jules Kirby defends using the N-word ("if a guy can say 'whore,' then you should be able to say the N-word"), says fat people are "gross to me," and explains that when joking around, "I say some pretty terrible things about certain groups of people who aren't like myself."

"I'm not like exactly racist," she later adds. "And it's not like I hate gay people. It's just... I don't know."

We've also obtained footage, partly featured in the second episode of the show (airing Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c), in which she berates a hotel maid — and gets her comeuppance.

In Kirby's defense: She declined to comment for this article with one of the most polite e-mails TVGuide.com has ever received. Kirby said that she did not believe her contract with the show would allow her to respond.

(Warning: Videos feature Kirby saying the kinds of things described above)


Hotel confrontation: