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On Wednesday's American Horror Story (10/9c, FX), Constance (Jessica Lange) is dropping off a special treat for Vivien (Connie Britton) that makes those spit-and-ipecac cupcakes seem like crème brulee.

What is it?

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How about some hints from the Harmons' housemaid Moira? It's for both Vivien and the baby. It's a delicious delicacy. It's served raw. It came from an organic farm. And it's "the most nutritious organ of them all."

Watch Vivien give it a try in this exclusive first look at next week's episode, titled "Piggy, Piggy." Bon appétit!

From what type of creature do you think Constance procured this delicacy? Why is she feeding it to Vivien? And why is Vivien ravenously devouring it? Hit the comments with your guesses!