Supernanny Jo Frost courtesy Bob D'Amico/ABC Supernanny Jo Frost courtesy Bob D'Amico/ABC

This winter, Supernanny Jo Frost will work her magic on the ABC reality series' first celebrity family. Wilson Phillips singer Wendy Wilson and her husband Dan Knutson invite the British nanny to move in to their home six weeks after Wilson gives birth to their twins, Willem and Jesse.

Between midnight feedings, play dates for sons Beau, 3, and Leo, 4, and drastically different parenting styles, the couple is sleep-deprived and overwhelmed when Supernanny arrives for a crash course in tough love. Wilson is also in the midst of rehearsals for a Wilson Phillips tour with her sister Carnie, who drops by in the Feb. 20 episode.

"They applied just like every other mom and dad," says U.S. casting director Johnnie Raines. "Wendy Wilson is a mom of four and two of those kids are newborn twins so that's a lot for anyone to deal with - whether you've got a Grammy or not!" - Dana Meltzer Zepeda