Kevin Weisman and Kelly Bishop by Kevin Parry/ Kevin Weisman and Kelly Bishop by Kevin Parry/

" Ex- Alias techie Kevin Weisman can't seem to shake the spy biz. Sources confirm to me exclusively that the actor has landed a flashy guest stint on NBC's Chuck. He'll play a poisonous (literally) bad guy in the Nov. 12 episode titled "Chuck Versus the Truth."

" Know what time it is? It's time for me to put on my Armchair Casting Director hat, that's what time it is. As all you Ausiello Scoop newsletter subscribers first learned yesterday, Gossip Girl is introducing Serena's "wealthy, manipulative and larger-than-life" grandmother - a role that sounds tailor-made for a certain acid-tongued Gilmore Girls matriarch named Kelly Bishop. No worries, I'm on the case. I've already contacted both exec producer Josh Schwartz and Bishop's agent. With any luck, I'll be able to announce something offical in next week's Ask Ausiello.

" Was last night's Pushing Daisies pure genius or what? And I'm not just saying that because Kristin Chenoweth practically name-checked me with that "poop" line. Oh, and don't worry about Daisies' Week 2 ratings slide. It still killed in the 18-49 demo, and actually increased in women 18-34.

" I think it's time my Blind Items made a comeback. I'm torn over which one I should do next: The crazy diva whose unprofessionalism is threatening to upend a new show, or the actress whose alarming weight loss continues to go unnoticed by nearly everyone - save for her costars on a certain hit show. Which one should I do?!

" Today has been a very good day. Not only has autumn finally arrived in NYC, but I just booked one of my BFFs to be a guest on my vodcast. I'd tell you her name but I don't want to jinx things. Oh, looky here - a random link.