What do you do when your mother is about to be impeached, the top-secret task force she put you in charge of has been exposed, and two of those members are MIA? If you're Clay (Hunter Parrish) on Quantico, you round up the (remaining) troops and ask them.

"I figure if I get the smartest people I know in a room, maybe we come up with something," he tells Shelby (Johanna Braddy), Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) and Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) in our exclusive sneak peek of Monday's episode.

But before they can go any further, Roarke (Dennis Boutsikaris) holds a perfectly timed press conference to rail against Claire and allege that the embattled POTUS covered up the G20 Summit crisis because she financed the attack.

"That's not true," Ryan says. "We all know that."

"But the country doesn't," Raina reminds him. "He can say any fiction and the people will believe it."

So how can they stop him? Check out the full clip.

Quantico airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.