Ginnifer Goodwin Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin is not happy about the "Happy Cow" commercials.

The Big Love star is teaming up with PETA to urge the Federal Trade Commission to put a stop to an ad campaign sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board, calling it a "misrepresentation of the milk industry."

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"The CMAB's "Happy Cows" ads depict cows on California dairy farms enjoying tranquil lives on acres of rolling green fields. But in reality, cows on dairy farms in California are typically crammed into mud- and feces-covered lots without even a single blade of grass in sight," Goodwin says in a letter to the FTC. "These cows are subjected to prolonged suffering before being trucked, in all weather extremes, to be slaughtered for cheap ground beef and byproducts."

In November, PETA filed a complaint with the FTC alleging that the CMAB is deliberately misleading consumers. PETA has since launched the site in response to the ads.

A spokeswoman for the California Milk Advisory Board declined to comment.

Watch one of the commercials below:

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