Another cheerful episode of Everwood, not that I'm complaining, as the hard-hitting emotional stuff is one of the reasons I love this show. But I sure am glad that it is well balanced with some lighthearted dialogue. Just a quick funny observation: On

Alias there was someone who thought Syd's dad was scary and then Andy told the young woman whose dad needed a kidney transplant that he thought her pops was "kind of scary." Odd coincidence. Thought it was great how they tied in the whole Andy-Ephram ongoing issues with this unusual case  very well executed. Especially with Ephram's revelation: "It's amazing, though, all this time I thought you were the worst dad in the world. It turns out... not so much." Sweet. Plus, Ephram helping Andy almost made up for him being a total idiot about Reid and Amy dating. Did anyone else laugh out loud when Bright referred to the shirtless and formerly presumed-gay roomie as Aladdin? Cracked me up. That, Nina's comment that she thought her son was watching Deadwood based on his new favorite vocab word and Louise's little throwaway line about how she used to be a masseuse and almost got fired for fraternizing with a client were all very snappy and great. But poor Hannah, losing her dad and realizing that she has to do the right thing and leave Everwood, right after she just found out that Bright was in love with her. That might break my heart. I had to reach for the tissue box just watching the previews for next week.