Eureka. Eve. The hurricane herself. I've seen the light(s). They didn't go out when they hit the water. But my intrigue did when I watched this premiere episode for the first time. Don't get me wrong, the reruns are a fantastic idea I'm just not so sure I should have seen this particular rerun. Everything was just so obvious. However, I came into the show about four episodes late, so when I say "it's a
government alien," you can be sure I don't know what I'm talking about. 

But it's interesting how apparent everything is from the get-go if you trust little girls. That sounds terrible, but for real, how did Rose get so far away from home in five minutes? Russ had to freakin' drive to go find her. And why do these folks, I mean folk, why do they hang out on the banks of swamps all the time? Kinda funny, a romantic "alien couple" scene by the Everglades. They tried to make it all tender, too, like she needed consoling about the "first days being the roughest." First days of what? Everybody in town knows  we all know  and if they don't show me, or start talking some serious science, I'm done. I thought the family or the reality of the hurricane would really draw me in; but the families are never together, the hurricane only took about two minutes of airtime and if all you do is smell different, the "first days" don't really sound so bad. Plus, you get to breathe under water. Oh, and probably take over the planet. Cool.