Entertainment Tonight's fifth annual post-Emmy party, held at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, drew its fair share of celebs but few actual winners. Among the attendees: Frasier's

David Hyde Pierce, NYPD Blue's Dennis Franz, Multimillionaire bride Darva Conger, Survivor castaways Rudy Boesch and Rich Hatch, Ted McGinley (Married, With Children) and wife Gigi Rice, Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz, Sharon Lawrence, Kimberly Williams, former Punky Brewster Soleil Moon Frye (now on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), Weird Al Yankovic and Ben Stein.

Muniz arrived with Malcolm sibs Erik Per Sullivan, Justin Berfield and their TV pop, Bryan Cranston. Although disappointed that their TV mom, Jane Kaczmarek, didn't take home the Emmy, they were ecstatic about their show's writing and directing wins. Cranston explained the excitement of being on a hit show. "When you are paid to do a show that is so well written and directed you look forward to going to work every day," he said. "For an actor, it is hard enough to get on any show; you take it because it's a job and you want to work. The luck to get on a good show is tremendous. The luck to then get on a hit show is mind-blowing."

Muniz couldn't believe the show managed two Emmy victories so early in its life. "We've only been on for pretty much a half a season and we already have two Emmys," he said. "It's awesome."

As expected, Survivor's Boesch was unimpressed with his fame and all the glitz and glamour that surrounded the night. "I don't care who knows me or who don't know me," he said. Boesch made it clear that he didn't come out to L.A. to chat it up with celebrities. "I had to come," he told TV Guide Online. "I was told to come. I obey orders."

Conger, wearing a stunning, sparkly red dress, had some thoughts about Survivor's Hatch, fellow instant celebrity. "He strikes me as being very well in control of himself and appears not to be too caught up in all this," she told TV Guide Online. "And certainly coming form a little different perspective than I did, all I can say is he seems to have said the right thing that he's not taking anything for granted. And I wish him health and happiness."

Everyone had their reasons for attending the party, whether it was the hope of getting a chance to meet their favorite star or the free food. "I went to the awards ceremony, this is the party after the awards ceremony, so I thought I'd stop by," Pierce deadpanned.

Yankovic was looking forward to "some wacky, zany fun," adding, "I hope Bob from my third-grade class is gonna be in there, but I kinda doubt it." A startstruck Amy Pietz pulled Yankovic aside at the bash to gush and tell him that she was a big fan and thought he was "a genius."

Before the stars made it inside, there was a lot of speculation about what the soiree would entail. Pierce offered this prediction: "There's a lot of nudity and shoplifting."

Everyone agreed that ET was the place to be seen after the big show, although Boesch was oblivious to that fact. "I didn't know half of them actors up there," he admitted. But when he heard fellow reality-TV graduate Conger was in the house, the old curmudgeon perked up. "She here? I might have to look her up."