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The Illinois man who shot videos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude was sentenced to 27 months in jail on Monday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Man accused of taping Erin Andrews nude pleads not guilty

Chicago insurance salesman Michael David Barrett was accused of shooting videos of Andrews through peepholes at hotels in Nashville, Tenn., Columbus, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wis.

Barrett, 48, pleaded guilty after agreeing to the 27-month prison sentence. Andrews, who will be appearing on Dancing with the Stars later this month, asked for a lengthier sentence because she fears for her life, according to the Reporter.

Man arrested in filming of Erin Andrews

"You violated me, and you violated all women," Andrews said to Barrett in court. "You are a sexual predator, a sexual deviant, and they should lock you up."

Barrett was also ordered to pay fines and restitutions amounting to more than $12,000.