Eric Balfour Eric Balfour

Haven fans may not recognize Duke Crocker's new love interest, but she's no stranger to his past.

"This woman [played by Vinessa Antoine] appears, who, it turns out, is technically married to Duke," Eric Balfour tells us. "It was a whirlwind shotgun wedding and she's kind of a con artist like Duke is. Somewhere along the lines she burned him."

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The SyFy show's second season returns on Friday (10/9c), picking up immediately following the destruction of Chief Wournos and the arrival of a woman who claims to be an FBI agent. "We're going to find out a lot more about everyone's pasts, and really where the characters are going and how they're intertwined in each other's lives," he says.

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In the interview below, Balfour tells us which show he's obsessed with. (Hint: You won't be surprised if you know him from Kids Incorporated.)