OK how many of you felt very old during that opening scene? C. Thomas Howell has not aged well. Ponyboy has grey hair! After I got over that initial shock, I quickly became disturbed because Ponyboy was playing a psychopath rapist. And not just any old rapist this one kidnapped and raped a 10-year-old girl. Oh, Ponyboy. Then who comes to the rescue as a paramedic? None other than

John Stamos. Now there's someone who has aged extremely well and John is three years older than Thomas. I'm assuming John will be doing more next week since this is only a two-week guest appearance because he gave us next to nothing tonight. I mean, anybody could've played that paramedic who ended up trying to get a date out of Neela. Speaking of Neela, I love how they are making Parminder Nagra look sexier each week. (I've already mentioned how much funnier they've been writing her.) Meanwhile, the tension between Luka and Clemente reached a crescendo after the little girl died under Clemente's guidance. That's the biggest reason I could never be a doctor I couldn't live with myself knowing I caused someone's death. I really liked how Clemente apologized so genuinely to Abby, and what a perfect ending to such a sad outcome, with Abby placing the stuffed animal in the arms of the dead girl. Then, in true ER form, there were two closing shocker scenes back to back, with Ray getting beaten up by his estranged underage-girlfriend's father, followed closely by Luka kissing Abby. That ought to spice things up at work. As if Sam isn't already stressed out enough after hearing her ex-husband was transferred to another (closer) prison. Never a dull moment.  Dave Anderson

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