- Luka giving Morris 'N Sync's Greatest Hits as a holiday gift was classic. Clemente: "I didnt know you were gay." Hilarious.
- Nice to see veteran comic Jack Carter as the guy who pretended to be sick so he wouldnt be alone on Christmas Eve.
- Glad Sam let Alex see his daddy at the end. That hug made me cry  I admit it.
- I couldnt decide who was a worse singer, Abby or Chuny, but what a beautiful voice Yvette Freeman has. Scott Grimes has a CD out and I wanted to hear him sing more, but the few times he did sing, he sounded exactly like Yvette Freeman.
- Loved Clemente correcting his on-again/off-again girlfriend after she made the "little soldier" reference: "Big soldier."
- And when did Luka get so romantic? Gifting Abby with a compass since "it seems we always find each other" was great, topped only by Abby's "I'm pregnant" line. Sam doesn't even know they're dating so I can't wait for that scene. Dave Anderson

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