Ahead of Episodes' series finale, all was not right between Matt (Matt LeBlanc) and husband-wife writing duo Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly (Tamsin Greig). The former Friends star, who had convinced them to quit their previous show, outright rejected their newest project, potentially leaving their careers in limbo.

However, he had a decent reason for turning down the script — it wasn't very good. In the final episode of the series, Sean and Beverly took the rebuff personally and at first, it looked like the trio wouldn't patch things up... until they did. The reconciliation came after some self-introspection on the part of the down-and-out writers, who then drafted a better script which Matt loved. Plus, Matt delivered a heartfelt apology — backed by a sweet poop emoji plush toy — and got his friends to admit there's "a little love" between them.

Episodes Bids a Funny Farewell With Hilarious Final Season Trailer

The finale also saw a pregnant Carol (Kathleen Rose Perkins) and Helen (Andrea Savage) finally burying the hatchet. Yes, despite the former suing the latter for sexual harassment, the two have decided to give their relationship another shot and take things slowly this time around.

There may not be new episodes on the horizon, but at least everyone got their happy ending.

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