<EM>Arrested Development</EM> Arrested Development

Two episodes in one night? My hand hurts from trying to write down all the quotes. The first, "Octopussy," was actually an example of how, in the right hands and with enough gratuitous repetition, puns can actually be funny. Like Rita (Charlize Theron) calling Michael a "p---y," a word I'm bleeping, too, just in case sensitive readers don't realize we mean the British definition. (Hope you recognized Buster/Tony Hale as the soldier in the 1941 film "A Thoroughly Polite Dustup.") I won't bother censoring the other unfortunate double entendre, Ann's performance of "We Three Kings with a Camel Toe" for the Inner Beauty Pageant. Speaking of Ann and Buster, Hale told me in an interview recently that Michael's perpetual "Who's Ann?" passive-aggressive digs are some of his favorite of the show's subtle jokes. They are deliciously mean. Personally, I enjoyed Buster's "Hey, possible nephew!" to Steve Holt(!). And the Church and State Fair's two "Startled Straight" tents were the kind of hit-you-over-the-head political satire we need these days. Pair that up with Gob's earlier comment "I hear the jury's still out on science" and we have ourselves some stinging commentary. This was all topped off by the slapstick move of Michael pulling Buster's hook off with the recruitment clipboard yes, I replayed that one four times.

The second episode was just slightly more focused (on the spy plot), though it was filled with equally silly moments. Especially all the asides:
- "The whole back side has moles." "That's Frank's problem, too."
- "English muffin." "Delicious!"
- "Their culture values honor and respect." "And Godzilla!"

Even the boom-mike operator got to make a joke about spying. I kind of felt like Maeby's "Love, Indubitably" ride was a little too much of a Hollywood in-joke (especially with the cranky Frankie Muniz cameo). Then again, the "Mole vs. Jet-Pack Man" movie Tobias and George-Michael inadvertently put on for the Japanese investors got the biggest LOL in my household. Because mentally we are 5-year-olds. And as for the real MRF, Rita, she seems smarter than all the Bluths put together. There are a lot of people I'd sell out for a chocolate star, too.