Michael J. Fox, Matt Czuchry, Julianna Margulies Michael J. Fox, Matt Czuchry, Julianna Margulies

Emmy ballots are due Friday! Voters have mere hours to check off the names and shows they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 10. We here at TVGuide.com have a few picks in mind ourselves. And so, here's our final dream ballot for Best Drama Series:

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The Americans

The Americans scored a meager two nominations last year, including one for Margo Martindale, and hopefully voters will right that wrong this year. Finding sustained excellence in a high-wire premise, the drama raised the stakes under a terrific, tautly woven arc with professional and personal threats to Philip and Elizabeth. It culminated in a finale twist that makes such perfect sense, we wish we saw it coming.

Breaking Bad
Like Heisenberg, Breaking Bad's final eight-episode run had one thing that sets it apart: confidence. Instead of wilting under expectations and pressure, it charged ahead, unspooling chaotic, organic and gut-wrenching twists, and then dared to go against the grain, wrapping with a reflective coda befitting the tragedy of a fallen king. The defending champ would be the sixth show to win for its final season afterThe Dick Van Dyke ShowThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowBarney MillerEverybody Loves Raymond and The Sopranos.

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