Sonya Tayeh, Allison Holker Sonya Tayeh, Allison Holker

Dance is hoofing on up in the world.

For the first time ever, the award for Outstanding Choreography will be presented at the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony Sunday night (8 pm ET / 5 pm PT, CBS), accompanied by a big dance number created by the nominated choreographers. "We were all freaking out," Sonya Tayeh, who received a nod for her moody and mesmerizing routines on So You Think You Can Dance, tells "It's just such a real honor to be there and also to show our work together as a collaboration. It's amazing."

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What was the game plan to create this Emmys dance piece with the other choreographers? You've collaborated before, but not on this level.
Sonya Tayeh
: We decided to meet once a week. I'm in San Diego doing a show so I've been up every other week. So we all Skyped in with the producers for the Emmys to figure out how to build this piece, and then we're doing this together, but we're also doing our own section. We threw all of our ideas together and came up with one big idea. We have rehearsals in the middle of September, right before the Emmys happen.
Allison Holker: The difficulty is not necessarily the process. Dancers and choreographers are really good at compromise. That's what we do best. But what we have found is that all the choreographers are so busy, so it's the time.

Will you be performing yourself as part of the big Emmys dance?
I can't tell you how we'll be in the piece, but I'll say you will see all of us throughout the number, which I think is super-exciting. We're doing a lot of different things and repping the dance world and ourselves. Then we'll be presenting after.

Were you able to get some of your favorite dancers into the piece also?
Yes. But most people will probably expect to see tWitch since he is my fiance, but he'll be filming Step Up 5, so you will not see tWitch at the Emmys. I was disappointed, and Nappy Tabs wanted him too, but there will be some other familiar faces from our TV shows.

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