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This year's Emmy Awards had its share of highs and lows, but often the worst parts brought out the best on Twitter. Whether watching from the audience or from the comfort of their home, celebrities shared their thoughts on the broadcast -- from the fashion to the tributes to Shemar Moore's backstage patter.

Check out all the looks from the Emmys red carpet

Check out the best tweets of the Emmys below.

In the car heading over to the @PrimetimeEmmys! Decided to take my friend Emmy with me! #Emmys pic.twitter.com/jdrov1PXnY

My very glamorous ride to the Emmys. #tryingnottowrinkledress pic.twitter.com/QojUOJzf3J

Pre-Emmy commentary: "what a beautiful dress. what a horrible person".

Does anyone know if Agent Brody's son from Homeland is up for an award? I heard he was nominated for "Best Reaction to a Big Screen TV"

I just photobombed Mandy Patinkin!

What an honor for Bob Newhart to be standing silently next to SHEMAR MOORE.

I'd like to pass on my condolences for Melissa Leo's stylist. (That was wrong right? My bad.) #Emmys

I don't have to go to the bathroom but I feel like Elton John is telling me I should really take this opportunity. #Emmys

I love Don Cheadle but that segment looked like television died.

If anyone catches me looking at pics of myself at the Emmy's WHILE at the Emmy's I'll have to kill myself to preserve the honor of my family

Grr, I know I'm engaged... but that Scott Bakula is looking strong! #HubbaHubba #Emmys

The losers lounge is going to be The Best party tonight! #Emmys

Sorry, #Emmys, if you have a BREAKING BAD dance number to "Get Lucky" & it does not involve Bryan Cranston on roller skates, NOT INTERESTED

I think we should have one 36 hour telethon of awards shows combining all of them at once. And @ActuallyNPH should host it. All 36 hours.