Emma Caulfield has all the dirt about Beverly Hills, 90210! The

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, who played Brandon's brainiac girlfriend Susan Keats during the 1995-96 season, reveals that if the walls of the Peach Pit could talk...

"Well, let's put it this way: There's always dirt," she tells TV Guide Online about the show, which ends its 10-year run Wednesday. "But I don't think I can say anything. I would make a lot of enemies. Now, if we were best friends, you would know everything."

When the topic turns to one particular former co-star, however, Caulfield doesn't pull any punches. "For some reason people have a fascination with asking how Tori Spelling was... like they're expecting me to just start bitching about her," the actress says. "And they're surprised when I tell them that she's the nicest person. All of these stories that you hear about her, they're just crap.

"I mean, that girl has such an amazing work ethic. She was really professional and just a decent person, and I find it really annoying that people still want to assume the worst about her. Of anyone there, she deserves the negative press the least."

So, there's someone more deserving of the flak? "You are so trying to get me to admit that I didn't like somebody, that somebody was bitchy, that there was some sort of catty infighting... political diva crap," Caulfield says. "You know what's frustrating? When you know that there's plenty to say, and you just can't."