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NBC's freshman sitcom The New Normal hasn't even premiered, but it's already  become a popular target for conservative groups.

The show, created by Glee's Ryan Murphy, features a gay couple (Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells) who try to have a baby via surrogate (Georgia King). It has already has been boycotted by One Million Moms, and a Mormon-owned Utah NBC affiliate has vowed not to air the program. (The same station refused to air NBC's The Playboy Club last fall.)

Series star Ellen Barkin, who plays the hyper-conservative grandmother Jane, became the center of a media firestorm earlier this week when she tweeted her irritation at Utah's KSL-TV for their stance against the show. But it appears the actress has no regrets. "Quite frankly, I felt good about it," Barkin told reporters Wednesday of the responses she got to her tweets, some which were quite volatile. "Yes, it is their right to ban something, but I do think it's a form of censorship."

In KSL-TV's explanation for cutting the same-sex family comedy, they referred to the series as "explicit," "offensive" and "crude." Yet Barkin noted the station has no problem airing series which feature graphic violence and explicit language.

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