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Dame Elizabeth Taylor, the two-time Oscar winner and dedicated AIDS activist whose acting prowess, glitzy lifestyle and larger-than-life celebrity established her as Hollywood royalty, has died. She was 79.

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As film roles dwindled after her Hollywood zenith, Taylor, who re-teamed with Burton for several films throughout the '60s and early '70s, segued into TV movies and turned her focus to outside interests. She retired from the screen in 2003.

Friends, colleagues remember Elizabeth Taylor for her generosity and those "unforgettable eyes"

An avid collector of jewelry, Taylor launched House of Taylor Jewelry for which she created designs. She also started a fragrance line that includes White Diamonds, a noted best-seller.

Taylor is perhaps, though, most well-known for her work with HIV/AIDS research in her later years. She became the face of the cause in the early '80s — a time when mere mention of the disease carried instant stigma — after she formed an AIDS research project following the death of her friend Rock Hudson. She joined forces with Dr. Mathilde Krim to create The American Foundation for Aids Research (amfAR). In 1991, she created her own foundation, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF).

Elizabeth Taylor admitted to hospital for congestive heart failure