<P>Elizabeth Berkley, <EM>CSI: Miami</EM></P>

Elizabeth Berkley, CSI: Miami

It's a good time to be Elizabeth Berkley. Not only is she beginning a six-episode stint as a shady lady on CSI: Miami (10 pm/ET, CBS) tonight, but repeats of her classic kid-com Saved by the Bell are also debuting on The N tonight at 6 pm/ET. We spoke with the perky Berkley about her old days, her new gig and what she's got kicking around for the future.

TV Guide: OK, it's so cool to be talking to Saved by the Bell 's Jessie Spano. She was my generation's feminist, our That Girl.
Elizabeth Berkley:
Yeah! [Laughs] And there's a new generation watching it now. The N is beginning to show it.

TV Guide: There's actually a marathon today! The same day you start on CSI: Miami. What's with this CSI character?
Let's just say that [she's] Horatio's ex.

TV Guide: His ex-wife?
I can't say. It's ambiguous. But we were together at some point, and it was very much a love thing — and we had a child. But I'm also part of an investigation that has to do with my husband.... He's been murdered. And that's how we reconnect.

TV Guide: Is she a bad girl?
There's a bit of Black Widow, there's a bit of Basic Instinct.... And then there's a little bit of our own thing.

TV Guide: And you have Step Up and Dance on Bravo this spring.
Yeah, we have 12 [competing] dancers, doing all different styles. It's intense. I'm not a judge.... I'm in the role Heidi Klum has for Project Runway, but it's a bit different because I'm a dancer [myself].

TV Guide: I have to ask: Will you be teaching them any of your Showgirls moves?
No, no I don't dance on the show. I'll save that for when I'm doing Broadway. But the contestants know I'm a dancer, so when I'm with them and they're going through the grind, I can just give them a look, like, "I know what you're going through."

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