Barack Obama, John McCain Barack Obama, John McCain

On Tuesday, the presidential campaign will come to an end, sending either Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain to the White House. Here's how the coverage of this historic election shakes out.

ABC (7 pm/ET-2am; 2:35am-3:05am)
Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos are the anchors.

CBS (7 pm-2am)
Katie Couric is at the helm.

CNBC (7pm-midnight)
Scott Cohn broadcasts from McCain's HQ, Jane Wells from Obama's.

CNN (6 pm-2am)
Wolf Blitzer anchors with analysis by Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs.

CSPAN & CSPAN 2 (7 pm-2am)
Greta Brawner, Steve Scully and Susan Swain host on CSPAN 2.

Fox (8 pm-10pm)
Shepard Smith anchors.

Fox News (6 pm-2am)
Anchor Brit Hume is joined by analyst Karl Rove. Carl Cameron reports from the McCain camp, with Major Garrett at Obama's HQ.

MSNBC (5 pm-6am)
David Gregory anchors, flanked by analysts Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. Kelly O'Donnell is with the McCain camp, Lee Cowan is with Obama's.

NBC (7pm-2am)
Brian Williams achors the coverage, joined by Tom Brokaw. 

PBS (9 pm-1am; time may vary in your area)
Jim Lehrer anchors. Judy Woodruff, Gwen Ifill, Ray Suarez and Margaret Warner report from the field.

Comedy Central (10 pm-11 pm)
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert muse about the returns on an irreverent election special, a must for those in search of "truthiness."

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