The hosts of late night TV are having a field day with the too-close-to-call presidential contest between George W. Bush and Al Gore. "The outcome of the election still has not been determined, and now apparently it all comes down to how the Floridians voted," Conan O'Brien said on NBC's Late Night. "After hearing this, George W. Bush said 'Please, let's not bring foreigners into this."' Over at CBS's Late Show, David Letterman joked, "So here's the deal: We have George W. Bush, not the president of the United States; Al Gore, not president of the United States — whaddaya say we just leave it that way?" Not to be outdone, Bill Maher of ABC's Politically Incorrect cracked, "Both candidates are feeling the pressure. Al Gore has been testy with his staff, and late today, George W. Bush broke down and yelled at his parents, 'You promised!'" The Tonight Show's Jay Leno got in on the cliffhanger frenzy as well. "I'm not saying Bush is getting confident he is going to win," the comic said, "but today, he spent all day trying to pronounce 'inaugural.'" (The Associated Press contributed to this story.)