"I'm starting to think, 'Well, heck, maybe I'll think about it,'" the 41-year-old Ferdin tells TV Guide Online, adding that she doesn't regret dropping out of the public eye to become a registered nurse. "I had been in [show] business from the age of 3, and I just needed some time to be normal."

Ferdin never completely gave up performing, however. She's done plenty of voiceover work, most recently as perky little Shelly Kelly for The WB's Detention. She's also kept busy as an animal-rights activist. In fact, next month she's scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles court to appeal a 30-day jail sentence given to her in connection with a recent animal-rights protest.

"Elephants are beaten with bull hooks in order to [have them] do stupid and totally unnatural circus tricks," complains Ferdin, who considers her work with L.A.'s Animal Defense League to be one of the most important things in her life. "I'm a vegan and I'm proud of it!"