Editors, we're on to you: When there are this many girls still in the competition, we can totally tell who the bottom two are going to be after about the first five minutes. Well, we could also tell from the judges' comments in the past two weeks that Diane wouldn't be in the running for long they wanted a Toccara-size personality, and all she could give them was a big dose of insecurity. Bre's suddenly faltering self-esteem was unexpected, though. Toughen up, Harlem girl! OK, on to the juicy stuff: Coryn vs. Lisa, Round 1. In real life, I too would really hate Lisa. From my couch, however, I feel like she's one of my friends, sitting next to me and picking apart the little poseurs. (Of course I'm jealous of them. Why else watch?) Despite her nasty, drunk delivery, her point about Coryn's hard look was valid. In the "flaunt it, hide it" challenge, I was so glad to see Kyle finally step up. Her hair dye can't quite cover the dumb blonde deep inside, but she's one of the few who seems to actually be learning how to pose. Miss J., as usual, delivered the quote of the evening, referring to contestants' flaws: "Girls, don't blame the photographer. Blame your parents for the bad DNA." (Runner-up: that "Fake it till you make it" Tyra Mail clue, which was a great unintentional Apprentice: Martha Stewart reference.)

After The Surreal Life made me OD on Janice Dickinson, I didn't realize how much I was actually missing her until tonight's photo shoot. She was most definitely buzzing from something stronger than Lisa's poison as she sat on girls' laps and leaned very heavily on people and furniture. You'd think having her as the photographer was just a stunt, but this plastic surgery-themed shoot resulted in some of the best pics of the season. It also helped that Janice knows how to direct models a bajillion times better than Mr. Jay's "I want edgy" broken record. Gotta love that a woman sporting an awful fake tan and every cosmetic procedure invented to date could poke fun at the industry, too. (Though I don't think she saw the irony in her warning the girls to be nice to each other.) Everyone except Kim looked good. Poor Diane was in such pain with her boobs strapped down, but she managed to get a good photograph before her last farewell. I hope Bobo helps her regain that spark.