Although A.U.S.A. survivor Eddie McClintock had never met Scott Wolf before being cast as his best bud in the ABC Family movie Picking Up and Dropping Off (airing Sunday at 8 pm/ET), their male bonding was fast and frivolous. "We talked about hockey and the World Series playoffs, what facial creams to use... stuff like that," he tells TV Guide Online with a laugh. "You know — guy talk."

All kidding aside, the leading men — both of whom are spoken for — spent a good deal of their time together chatting about women. And with them. (What? Were they supposed to be rude?) "Let me tell you, the girls go crazy for Scott," says McClintock. "When we went to the Calgary Flames game [while shooting in Canada], they put him up on the Jumbotron, and five minutes later, there was a row of no less than 30 girls coming down the aisle to get an autograph from him.

"For me," he adds wryly, "it's just, 'Hey, who's that with Scott Wolf from Party of Five?'"

Aw, c'mon. Surely, after his regular gig on Stark Raving Mad and guest appearances on every series from Friends to Sex and the City, the handsome 36-year-old Ohio native has a few groupies of his own. Nope, he insists. "They all think that I'm David Boreanaz. 'Aren't you the guy from Angel?' I tell them, 'Nah... um, yeah! Yes I am!' Maybe it'll get me a good table at a restaurant."