During Emmy season, many an actor experiences the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. However, perhaps only up-and-comer Justin LongEd's adorably awkward Everyteen, Warren Cheswick — went through both emotions in a single morning.

"My dad called and woke me," he tells TV Guide Online. "He was like, 'I wanted to be the first to tell you [that you're up for best supporting actor]!' At first, I didn't even know what he was talking about. Then I realized the nominations were announced that day.

"My dad's a philosopher," he adds, "and he's usually pretty stoic. But he was being so boisterous that I knew it was for real... or at least he thought it was."

Alas, it turned out that, like the rest of the endearing Ed ensemble, Long had been snubbed. "My dad's friend had read the story about 'If TV Guide Online could pick the Emmy nominees...'" relates the should've-been-a-contender. "He just hadn't read the 'if' part."

Despite the mix-up, the 23-year-old is grateful that his work was recognized at all. He hardly has time to brood, anyway, given that, before long, he will be attending premieres for his three upcoming features: the thriller Jeepers Creepers and the comedies What Are Friends For, with Britney Spears, and Happy Campers, with Brad Renfro.

Besides, notes Long, sounding every bit like the son of a philosopher, there's always the Golden Globes. "Maybe the foreigners will like us."